The heart of the 96 track studio is a custom workstation running Avid's ProTools9 through a Black Lion Signature Rack. It includes sixteen mic/line inputs and an Avid Command8 console with flying faders and full automation. A complement of quality microphones are available, including Naiant, Shure, AudioTechnica, Rode, Joly, and others. Preamps are from Focusrite, Black Lion, and Presonus, and Sennheiser headphones are used through a dedicated cue mix amplifier.
See a list of some of our guest recording artists here.

While sonic excellence is a high priority, client comfort is equally important. Quality engineering and a good room are worthless if an artist isn't confident and secure in their performance. Our efforts succeed when our guests have been able to "give it their all." We do everything we can to make you comfortable and ready to have a truly enjoyable recording experience.

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